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Welcome to Hunt, Catch, Cook

If you have a passion for Hunting, Fishing and Food then this is just for you… Jason Spencer is my name, and this website represents a lifelong dream of mine to hunt, catch and cook what this beautiful country has to offer.

Our original ancestors had this ability to live off the land - there were no supermarkets to buy your cuts of meat from, so they had to be self sufficient. My concern is that we have lost or are losing this vital skill to do things for ourselves.

I’m here to say that as long as you're cooking what you kill, then "Hunt, Catch, Cook" is a tradition which has been around for thousands of years. I’d like to think we can keep the tradition going.

Throughout this website you will see, be able to re-create and experience for yourself the wonderful culinary delights that I have conjured up using what is available in our own backyard.

I have taken some traditional, and some new recipes to create something for those of you who are keen to be different.

Jason Spencer - Hunt, Catch, Cook

All my life I’ve loved the thrill of the chase when it comes to hunting. My life would be camping, cooking and just living the dream of most, men roughing it in the bush with mates having a laugh. Reminiscing and appreciating what we’ve caught and having feasts fit for a king.

From an early age my dad encouraged me to live off the land with what it can provide us. I made a promise to keep these values and to pass this tradition on to my children.

I’ve done many courses, one in particular I thoroughly enjoyed: “Survival in the Australian Outback” which explained the plants that are poisonous, which plants are edible, how to forage for food as well as solar navigation.

My passion is to hunt in Western Australia as well as introducing a variety of mates from around the world to return the favour they have shown me whilst staying in their country.

Be responsible and remember moderation: never over hunt, and save what you don’t need, so you can always come back.